“Step Up to Healthy Habits” – Aloma ECLC

Aloma Step Up To Healthy Habits 1This year Aloma Early Child Learning Center has been involved in several Nemours programs including one funded locally by WPHF, which focuses on healthy eating and healthy activities. From the middle of January to the middle of February we encouraged families to choose healthy habits each day. This could be eating vegetables or fruit for snack or adding vegetables to a meal or doing a healthy activity with the family such as riding bikes together, or playing outside games together. Each time families did an activity or practiced a healthy eating habit they would capture it on a footprint. A total of 208 footprints were displayed down our hallways to show all the healthy choices everyone has been making at home and in the classroom. Visit the Aloma Early Childhood Learning Center Facebook page to see our Bike Parade on February 20th celebrating our “Step Up to Healthy Habits” campaign.Aloma Step Up To Healthy Habits 2