4 Steps to Homework Success

father helping sonAs students progress in their education career, the amount of homework they receive begins to grow.  It is important for students to develop good homework habits so they can succeed.  However, developing these habits isn’t something that kids know innately.  It is up to teachers and parents to help students develop these skills.  HealthyKidsToday.org has compiled a list of strategies from the National Association of School Psychologists to make homework go more smoothly.

  • Find a location in the house for homework. The right location will be different for each kid.  Some children like to work in their bedroom, while others prefer to work at a desk or table.  Make sure that the location is cleared of distractions.  Discuss the pros and cons of the location with your child and then come to a mutual agreement on the location.
  • Set up a homework center.  Once you’ve picked a location, set up the area like a home office or homework center.  Make sure the area is large enough for your child to get all of their homework assignments accomplished.  Include all the supplies that will be needed such as pens, pencils, glue, graph paper, rulers, calculators and other supplies.  If the location is used for other purposes (such as the kitchen table), put the supplies in a portable bin so they can be accessed when needed and then removed.
  • Establish a homework time. Your child should get in the habit of doing homework at the same time each day.  This time can very depending on the child, but once it is established keep with it.  The earlier the better because the later it gets, the more tired your child will be.
  • Establish a daily homework schedule.  Homework sessions should begin with the parent going over what needs to be done for the day.  Then have your child write down what he or she needs to accomplish for the day.  Review all of the assignments with your child, make sure they understand each assignment and ask if they need any specific materials to complete them.  If your child needs help with anything, make sure to explain the assignment and help them learn without completing the assignment for them.