Cheney Teachers and Staff Have New Viking Vitality Room

Viking Vitality2Tired and stressed out teachers and staff at Cheney Elementary School have a new place to exercise and unwind.

Cheney Principal Tracey Gibson has converted a classroom into the Viking Vitality Room stocked with equipment donated by staff members, as well as a couch and end tables.

This school-based sanctuary currently features two treadmills, a weight bench with weights, two stationary bikes, two stability balls, two mats and an ab lounger. All have been donations and it is hoped there will be more.

Healthy School Team Co-Leaders Margie Martinez Colon and Michael Gale are making plans to hold monthly events to draw teachers and staff to the Viking Vitality Room. They said teachers say they would like to see some programs like Zumba and Tai Chi offered as well.

Stay tuned!