Make School Lunches Your Kids Will Brag About

school lunchThe start of school signifies many things.  One of which is getting back to making school lunches for our kids.  There are many things to consider when making a school lunch.  What will my kids eat?  What can I pack them that won’t go bad not being refrigerated?  What type of lunchbox do they need?


Don’t worry, we have your answers.  Healthy Kids Today has compiled a quick guide to making your kids school lunches.  If you have tips and ideas, tell us in the comments below!


School Lunch Tech

  • Items like diary products, meats and most things that should be kept cold – SHOULD
    be kept cold.  Freezer packs are very important.
  • Instead of a brown bag, invest in a plastic or metal lunchbox.  The best choice is one that is insulated.  You want your food fresh when you’re ready to eat it.
  • Plan your meals out for the whole week.  It makes it easier to grocery shop when you have a plan and you usually spend less money.
  • Make sure to include something from every food group.  Add a small container of hummus so they can dip their veggies in if they won’t eat them plain.
  • Pack enough food for the day.  Not too much and not too little.  This might take a few tries to get it right (and that’s alright).
  • Avoid always giving them snack foods like potato chips, cookies or candy.  Allowing them in moderation is certainly fine, but don’t make it an every day habit.

Avoid the Boring Lunch!

  • Instead of….
    • bread try whole wheat pita
    • meat and cheese try peanut butter and fruit
    • ranch try hummus
    • baked chips try pretzels
    • granola bars try nuts
    • regular yogurt try greek yogurt