Get Smart–Live a Brain-Healthy Lifestyle

The beginning of the school year is a perfect time for students of all ages and their families to make some resolutions.

Setting a goal to live a brain-healthy lifestyle is a good place to start.

Wondering where to begin?

We recommend taking a look atBrainUp_Logo the Brain Commandments, established by the Alzheimer’s Association, Central and North Florida Chapter, as part of its Brain Up! initiative. (The unique initiative—focused on inspiring people of all ages to live brain-healthy lifestyles, is supported by a grant from the Winter Park Health Foundation.)

The six commandments include eat smart, work out (get regular workouts), chill out, (because chronic stress can lead to brain shrinkage), hang out (build social networks) challenge yourself (learn new things in and out of class and work), and find your purpose.

They are things to do all through life to keep the brain active, healthy and growing strong.

The scientific reasons behind the commandments can be found on the Brain Up! website at While you are there, sign the Brainifesto, a pledge to live a brain-healthy lifestyle. Other features include stories on the latest in brain research, brain games and brain health champions. There also is a place to nominate people of any age as brain health champions.

BrainUp also has a Facebook page,, and can be followed on Twitter @BrainUpFL.

Above all, the Brain Up! initiative emphasizes it’s never too early or late to start caring for your brain.