Summer is a Good Time to Build Integrity

family dinner (2)Good character never takes a vacation.

That’s why summer is a good time for parents to continue sharing character building lessons provided by Orange County Public Schools throughout the year.

Each month OCPS sends out a family newsletter to every Orange County school focusing on an honorable character trait and how to build it within the family. This month’s trait—integrity.

“Integrity is the foundation of character. Integrity involves living a life that is consistent with our own values and convictions,” explains the OCPS newsletter. “Living our lives by a set of principles and values makes us people that others trust and respect and leads to success in all areas of life. Being a person of integrity means choosing to do what we know and believe is right even when there are difficult choices we need to make. Having personal integrity is a critical part of being a person of character.”

To teach integrity, OCPS suggests you encourage your kids to speak up and stand up for what they believe and need, to listen to their conscience and to try to feel empathy.

You also can help build integrity by teaching your children to live by their values, morals and beliefs, and teaching them to identify and express their emotions appropriately.

The dinner table is a good place to discuss the makings of integrity. Ask the kids how they determine if people around them–kids and adults–have integrity? The conversation will get everyone thinking.