Rainy Day Fun

Rainy Day - Kid looks out windowIt seems like the sunshine state isn’t so sunny these days.  When the weather is not cooperating outside, and all it seems to do is rain, our kids can go a little stir crazy.  It’s important to have some activities they can do inside the house that are fun and engaging.  Healthy Kids Today has compiled a list of activities from the Mother Huddle that are great for rainy days.  Check them out and comment below with your own ideas!

  • Scavenger Hunt – Print out different shapes here and show them to your kids.  Have them go around the house and look for objects that match each shape.  A picture frame could be a square and a window arch could be a half circle.
  • Arts and Crafts with Cotton Balls – Try making animals using cotton balls.  You can make a bunny using cotton balls, a cup, pipe cleaner, buttons, construction paper and glue.  Glue cotton balls around the cup.  Use two buttons for eyes and pipe cleaners for the whiskers and the nose.  Then cut out ears from the construction paper and glue them on.  Check out pictures and more ideas here.
  • DIY Story in a Bag – Much like a choose your own adventure book, this is a create your own story game.  Take random objects from around the house, toys, books, tools (not sharp ones), office items, etc. and place them in a bag.  Then make up a story using all of the items.  You can have your kids tell the story and you listen, have the kids and parents tell the story collaboratively or have the kid and parent switch off for each object.
  • Kid Photography – Let your kids become a household photographer.  Have them snap pictures of things around the house in the most creative way possible.  Since most cameras take videos now as well, video tape them playing with a toy, making a demonstration or talking to the camera.  They will get a big kick out of watching themselves.  Click here for more ideas.
  • Why Should Rain Stop You? – As long as it isn’t thundering and lighting outside, go play in the rain.  If the rain is mild, put on a bathing suit and have a blast outside.  Splash in puddles, run in the backyard and get dirty.  Playing in the rain can be even more fun then playing outside during the hot summer days.

Let us know what you do with your kids on rainy days by commenting below.  You can also tell us on Facebook or tweet us at @HealthyKids2Day