Cheney Garden Produces Tasty Salsa

chef at cheneySchool gardens, like the one at Cheney Elementary School, are a great place for kids to get their hands dirty and have fun, but researchers and educators say they offer so much more.

They serve as a place for children to cultivate math and science skills, to learn to care about the earth, to get exercise and learn cooperation, and to get acquainted with healthy fruits and vegetables.

This is important because researchers say children who eat more fruits and vegetables when young are more likely to eat them later in life.

That could very well happen to Cheney students.

After growing a bumper crop of peppers, onions and tomatoes, a chef came to school and used the items to prepare a batch of salsa, according to Cheney’s Healthy School Team leader Myrna Veyna. The kids loved it. In fact they asked for more salsa at their end of school party.

The kids love the garden, said Ms. Veyna, and plans include planting a new one after students return to school at the end of summer.