New Home For Brookshire Elementary Nearly Complete

New Brookshire 005Brookshire Elementary School students spent the 2012-13 school year in a temporary facility, but when they return in August, their new home will be a new, part one-story, part two-story facility at 2500 Cady Way in Winter Park.

Movers will start transporting boxes to the new school on July 1 and the move is expected to be completed on July 8, according to Brookshire Principal Marc Rummler.

“The school was a unique design by HuntonBrady in that they had to work around an existing building – the cafeteria,” said Dr. Rummler.  And it is going to provide features the school has never had.

“First, it will give us security, he said. “We had a very open campus (in the old building).  Now there will be only one entrance for visitors directly into the front office. The building and a fence will provide a totally secured play area.”

There also will be a large green space providing kids lots of room to play. Brookshire’s former site had a large drainage ditch running through the middle of the play area, and that has been eliminated.

“The new school will also boast the latest in technology–again something we have never had,” said Dr. Rummler. This includes full computer labs, computers in classrooms, SMART Boards in every room, document cameras, and audio enhancement systems.

“We also welcome the new car queue,” he said, explaining “cars used to park across the street and have to wait and cross Cady Way to pick up students. Now we have a driveway long enough to hold over 70 cars without blocking traffic on Cady Way.”

Kindergarten roundup is set for 10 a.m. August 1 for incoming kindergarten students.  Sometime after that, building tours will be offered. A dedication will be held sometime during the next school year.