Get Your Kids Active For Summer!

Active ParentsIt is important that your kids are getting their daily dose of exercise.  Experts recommend that children get at least 60 minutes (1 hour) of exercise each day.  That can be hard when kids are glued to video games, their phones and their computers. Healthy Kids Today has compiled a list of ways to get your kids motivated, off the couch and having fun outside.  If you like one of our tips let us know on our Facebook or on Twitter at @HealthyKids2Day.


  • Lead By Example – If you are sitting on your butt, so will your kids.  They look to you as the example they should be following.  If after dinner you normally watch TV, suggest a family bike ride, game of catch or take the entire family on a long dog walk.
  • Let Your Kids Choose – Not everyone likes the same types of activities.  If you have multiple children, let each choose an activity for the day.  Your nature lover might choose a hike in a park, the adventurer might choose to go to a rock climbing gym or your sports enthusiast might choose a family soccer game.  Letting your children choose what they want to do will make it easier for them to get excited about being active.
  • Have Toys Handy – Children are more inclined to play outside if there are toys for them to play with.  Keep a basketball, soccer ball, jump rope or Frisbee in the house.  By having these items, you are enabling your children to have an activity to participate in, rather then just saying, “go play outside” with nothing for them to do.
  • Limit Screen Time – Limit the amount of time your children are allowed to sit in front of a screen.  Watching TV or playing video games on consoles, cell phones, computers or tablets are all sedentary activities.  A lac of exercise from these sedentary activities can lead to health problems.  By limiting the amount of time you allow your children to do these things and encouraging them to be active outside, you’ll ensure they stay healthy and fit.