Free Door Alarm Offered to Prevent Drownings

swimming poolThe weather’s warming—as are pool temperatures—making it more important than ever to protect children from accidental drowning. To help parents prevent devastating accidents, the Florida Department of Health in Orange County is offering a free small alarm that can be placed on a door or window leading to the pool area.

The alarms, which alert a parent when a child has opened a door, are available to any Orange County resident who has a residential pool and children between the ages of one and 12. They are being provided through a statewide drowning prevention campaign called WaterproofFL while supplies last.

The WaterproofFL campaign focuses on three layers of protection, supervision, barriers, and emergency preparedness.

•           Supervision is the first and most crucial layer of protection, meaning that someone is always actively watching when a child is in the pool.

•           Barriers mean that a child should never be able to enter the pool area unaccompanied by a guardian. A barrier should physically block a child from the pool.

•           Emergency preparedness. The moment a child stops breathing there is a small, precious window of time in which resuscitation may occur, but only if someone knows CPR. Knowing how to perform CPR can mean the difference between life and death.

To receive a Free Door Alarm, contact Karen Johnson at the Florida Department of Health in Orange County at 407-858-1456.  For more information on the campaign, click here.