Keep Your Kids Active Even If They Don’t Like Traditional Sports

Physical activity is important for every child.  According to the American Heart Association, increased physical activity has been associated with increased life expectancy and decreased risk of cardiovascular disease.  Physical activity not only improves a child’s body, but it also boosts mental health, has social benefits and has been linked to doing better at school.  But what if your child doesn’t like sports, feels he or she is too uncoordinated to play, or is concerned about not performing well.  Look to alternatives to traditional sports and other physical activities.  Find ways to match up your child’s interests with physical activity. Healthy Kids Today has assembled a list of a few non-traditional activities to get you thinking and your children moving.

  1. Does your child love to dance hip hop?  Enroll him or her in a hip hop dance class.  Dancing is a great way to stay active and get moving.
  2. Is your child the next Tony Hawk or Shaun White?  Skateboarding is a fun activity that gets your children moving.  Remember to always be safe and wear a helmet and safety pads.
  3. Can your child climb like a monkey?  Take him to a rock climbing gym and let him scale the walls.  Many rock climbing gyms have scheduled classes for all ages.
  4. Does your child want to be a ballerina?  Ballet classes are a great way for kids to get fit and make new friends.
  5. Is your child a ninja?  Sign up your child for a martial arts class and let him or her earn a black belt.
  6. Can your child do cool tricks on his or her bicycle?  Have your child try a BMX bike riding class and learn how to do a 360 on his or her bike.  Remember to have your child always wear a helmet and safety pads when BMX riding.
  7. Is your child a fish in water?  Try signing him or her up for the swim or dive team.  Swimming is one of the best exercises anyone can do.
  8. Can your child tumble backwards and forwards?  Try signing him or her up for a gymnastics class to learn to fly on the high bar or balance on the beam.
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