Lake Sybelia Walking School Bus Grows

Lake Sybelia participated in International Walk to School Day on October 3.  We had our two regular Wednesday Walking School Bus routes and one additional route, each with an administrator leading the way.  We advertised on the news and with a banner out front of the school, and we also sent notices home the previous week, with times and the name of the administrator walking each route.

Students received stickers and glow bracelets when they arrived at school.  Moms and Dads pulled wagons with kids’ backpacks; and one mom loaded her van with backpacks (see picture) and drove them to school while the kids walked together. I estimate that we had about 60 kids walking that day.  Our regular Wednesday Walking School Bus usually has about 35 kids walking.

We are working hard to spread the word and keep this activity growing!!

–Susan Maddox, Healthy School Team Leader