Poker Walk to Unwind

Thanks to the Healthy School Team, teachers at Glenridge Middle School, had a chance to de-stress during the pressurized second half of the 2011-12 school year.

The HST held a “Poker Walk” for staff the week of April 16 to give them a chance to de-stress while exercising and having fun. Staff walked laps along a designated path that winds through the school campus, according to Glenridge HST Leader Jayne Ness-Lee.

Each time a staff member “lapped” past the school nurse, she handed the “walker” one card from a deck of cards. Everyone who walked at least five laps had a “poker hand.” And whoever had the best poker hand at the end of the walk was awarded a gift card from the HST.

The HST also created a “stress-free zone” in the teacher’s lounge. It featured subdued lighting and “stations” with stress reduction activities, soothing foods, and aromatherapy.