Our Principal Runs with Us!

Dommerich Elementary School students and parents do a lot of running during the school year. The school has a running club, a field day and the annual Chiefs on the Run 5k race for the school and community. But runners really got revved up when Dommerich Principal Junella Kreil put on her athletic shoes to run with them.

“We are constantly thinking of ways to increase membership for our running club, which meets every Tuesday and Thursday before school,” said Mark Reedy, P.E. Assistant at Dommerich. Dr. Kreil was very supportive of the idea to have a “Run with the Principal” day and came out to run with the team about five times during the year. On a usual day, the club draws about 40 runners that run the one-quarter of a mile lap. However, on Run with the Principal days, 60 to 70 participants came to run.

Dr. Kreil  tried to run 12 laps—three miles–on those days. She ended up earning a Running Tribe tee shirt, which members are awarded after running fifteen miles.

It is hoped the running club will continue in the new school year.