Getting Fit at Hungerford

Children at Hungerford—like those at most elementary schools—do a lot of jogging and running in P.E. classes. But for some—like those with childhood diseases that keep them in wheelchairs most of the day, or others carrying a lot of excess weight—it is nearly impossible to join in. That’s why Healthy School Team Leader (HST) Ricky Shaw sought help from the YMCA of Central Florida. He requested—and it is generously providing—some stationary bicycles so all of the children have a chance to build up their fitness levels.

Mr. Shaw’s request was inspired by several students. He has one student who spends most of his time in a wheel chair but has built up his strength and endurance to walk a bit, but he is not getting much in the way of cardio exercise. “I thought the bike would be good for him,” he said.

In addition, he has students who are extremely overweight, including a second grader who weighs 160 pounds. They can’t jog even though they would like to. But they will be able to bicycle.

Mr. Shaw’s also talking about the possibility of getting family members on the bicycles during community outreach programs held at school once a month.

He hopes to have the bikes in place by the beginning of the 2012-13 school year.